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We Have You Covered...

There’s more to just arriving at the airport for your big trip. Make sure your prepared and don’t leave on your holiday without looking at our travel essentials. These will help to make your trip run more smoothly. From our comprehensive travel insurance and visa service to our cash passports.

Travel Insurance

You hope your trip will go perfectly. So do we. But if something does go wrong, you should have travel insurance that takes care of you. That’s where Cover-More Australia comes in.

With over 25 years of experience and many millions of travellers served, they know how to serve you best when you need them most.

With Cover-More you get:

  • High-quality cover at an affordable price

  • 24 hour emergency assistance from experienced travel assistance providers

  • Cover-More Travel Insurance Australia is rated 4.1 stars by 846 customers on Product Review

  • Fast, fair, and efficient handling of all your claims

  • A global team of travel experts that puts your safety and well-being first.


Join more than 1.8 million Australians who chose Cover-More travel insurance every year!

Travel insurance is available from our office at any time and can be issued in a matter of minutes.

Working with a View

At Peter Milling Travel we can offer a number of ways to take foreign currency to your destination. 


Most people these days prefer not to carry a lot of cash, a travel money card allows you to load and withdraw foreign currency and can also be used as eftpos. Our agency recommends Mastercard Cash Passport and can issue them on the spot in a number of foreign currencies.


Alternatively, most modern ATM cards and credit cards can be used to withdraw cash from thousands of ATM’s around the world. We advise that you contact your bank and let them know you will be travelling.

Travel Money Concept.jpg

Visa Support


Passports and Visas are an essential part of International travel. When planning your holiday, take the time to ensure your passport is valid (with a minimum of 6 month validity from your return date of travel) and obtain a visa if you require before you embark on your journey. Your identification must match with the name of the passenger on the ticket or travel documentation.

If your passport is due to expire within six months of your return arrival back in Australia then under normal circumstances you should obtain a new passport. Should you be travelling on a travel document other than an Australian Passport you may require a visa or permit to re-enter Australia.


Certain countries require a visa for entry prior to arrival. At Peter Milling Travel we are there to ensure you are fully informed of the requirements before you make a reservation. We help you through the complexity that can sometimes come with applying for a visa and only use trusted sources when sending off your passport to obtain any visas.

Cash Card

Smart Traveller


World Health Organisation


Travel Clinic

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