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Where will you Travel to next...

We can arrange your next trip to anywhere in the world. Whether you dream of a morning safari on the Serengeti with the sun rising behind you, drifting through the canals in Venice on a Gondola, admiring the view of New York City from the top of the Empire State Building, Cruising through the magical pacific islands or climbing the steps of an Ancient temple in Asia. We can take you there.


Europe is one of the world’s most popular destinations to visit and why shouldn’t it be with its rich history and culture. This beautiful destination is a foodie’s dream and it doesn’t start and end with pizza. San Sebastian in Spain’s pub crawls are all about eating their famous bar food ‘Pintxo’ which usually comes with a jug of sangria, and nearly every corner you turn in Italy has a gelato store with a massive range of flavors to choose from.  Architecture throughout Europe can leave you breathless as you stand before buildings that are thousands of years old or wander through the streets of Rome to find the Trevi Fountain sparkling in the night. Germany’s dark history can lead you to intriguing places such as Hitler’s Eagles Nest where you will find amazing alpine views or the Berlin wall that originally stretched more than 140 kilometres long. From the most iconic monuments like the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the hidden gems such as Krakow in Poland this amazing destination will always leave you wanting to go back for more.



1. Giants Causeway, Ireland

2. Rome Trevi Fountain at Night, Italy

3. Hitlers Eagles Nest, Germany

4. San Sebastian, Spain

5.  St Petersburg, Russia


From sublime coastlines to snow-capped mountains, the majestic Mekong River to wildlife infested jungle, Asian landscapes hold an immediacy and vibrancy that captivates and enchants. Immense expanses of desert flow down from inhospitable mountains, which in turn give way to seemingly impenetrable forests. In a land where tigers still roam free nature continues to be the driving force in many peoples’ lives. Virtually every climate on the globe is represented here; take a trek over the Great Indian Desert or sun yourself on the sand-fringed tropical islands of the Philippines. Asia has everything a traveller could ever dream of. Embrace the culinary masters on the streets of Asia and be in awe at the ancient temples that infuse themselves with nature.


1.Be amazed by the Ancient Temples of ANGKORWAT, Cambodia

2. Watch the sunrise in Agra and see the Taj Mahal miraculously appear, India

3.Explore the Mekong River, Vietnam

4. Go On Safari and see a Leopard at Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

5. Take a stroll on  China’s greatest engineering triumph and must-see sight- the Great Wall, China


Something special about Africa touches the soul; it is a continent of 54 immensely diverse countries that is both deeply troubled and profoundly uplifting. It’s not just the tribal drums of Africa, but the rhythms of the land: the sound the Serengeti makes as it wakes each morning, a mountain gorilla rustling through the Rwandan jungle or the thunder of wildebeest hooves across the Masai Mara.

A truly massive continent comprising over 20% of the planet’s available land, Africa is home to the world’s largest desert, its longest river, its hottest temperatures, and hundreds of dialects and cultures spread among a billion people. But as mind-boggling as it seems at first, you’ll be amazed how intimate it feels once you get to know it. Kick back on the chalk-white beaches of Zanzibar, chat with vendors in the spice-filled souqs of Marrakech and watch plodding elephants from the snowy summit of Kilimanjaro. This is adventure’s last great frontier. Come blaze some trails. Africa is calling.


1. Bathing in Devil's Pools at Victoria Falls, Zambia

2. Lalibela, Ethiopa

3. Cape Town, South Africa

4. Wildlife on the Masai Mara, Kenya

5. Medinas of Fez & Marrakesh, Morocco

Australia, New Zealand & the South Pacific

Australia and New Zealand’s medley of mountains, deserts, reefs, forests, beaches and multicultural cities are an eternal draw for travellers. Remote, beautiful and friendly, the Pacific islands’ white sands and clear waters are almost dreamlike in their perfection. While cities and resorts are dotted across the region the best feature is nature. You can swim with whale sharks in West Australia; hike through jungle to swim under a waterfall in Fiji; or be awed by snow-capped mountains and deep fiords of New Zealand.


The cultures of the Pacific islands have changed with the years but people still dress with modesty and live with a strong sense of respect for their elders and tradition. New Zealand may be the capital of adventure sports where bungee jumping, zorbing and extreme skiing are just a few of the activities on offer, but the wider Pacific has plenty to offer those who want to test their mettle. There’s world-class surfing, snorkelling and diving but how about hiking to crumbling sacred statues in the jungle, swimming with whales, trekking to the top of a volcano, rappelling down a waterfall or kayaking to forgotten beaches?


The island nations of the Pacific are scattered across the map like flower petals, but one thing that unites them all is the ever present sound of the ocean. If you’re looking for the perfect beach you probably won’t find it: there’s one around every headland. The Pacific is not just about relaxing on palm-fringed white-sand beaches, you’ll also discover dramatic coastlines built for long walks where the wind and sea-spray are your only companions.




1. Great Barrier reef, Australia

2. Franz Josef & Fox Glaciers, South Island, New Zealand

3.  Camel riding along the beaches of Broome, Australia

4. Visit some of the best wineries in the world, Australia & New Zealand

5. See the beauty of the south pacific- flame orange coral reef and sapphire blue lagoons trimmed by sparkling white beaches, Cook Islands

Central America

Central America may be the size of Texas, but its rich mix of people and cultures has created a diverse and dynamic society. With more than 20 Maya languages spoken, Guatemala is the region's indigenous heartland. The Spanish left their mark throughout the region, with majestic colonial plazas, fervent beauty contests and silent hours of siesta. African culture permeates the Caribbean coast, from Congo rebel traditions to Garifuna drumbeats. And the last century brought the rest of the world – Asians, Europeans, North Americans – along with a coat of modernity that dressed up Panama City into a contemporary capital. Eight countries with 300-plus volcanoes and two long tropical coasts make for a pretty big playground. Paddle deep into indigenous territories in a dugout canoe, or explore the remains of Spanish forts on the coast. Zip through rainforest canopies, swim alongside sea turtles or trek to sublime cloud-forest vistas. With chilled-out Caribbean vibes on one side and monster Pacific swells on the other, Central America sits poised to deliver the best of all beach worlds. From deserted playas to full-moon parties, this tiny region can deliver just about any sun-soaked experience that your inner beach bum desires. Plus, there's that magnificent, mysterious world that begins at the water's edge. Seize it by scuba diving with whale sharks in Honduras, snorkelling the world's second-largest coral reef in Belize, getting stoked on Costa Rica's world-class surf breaks, or setting sail among Panama's virgin isles. Your adventures are limited only by your will.


1.Scuba dive at the second biggest reef in the world, Belize

2. Visit The brilliant ruins of Chichén Itzá , evidence of a dazzling ancient city that once centered the Maya empire in Central America

3.Be amazed by the country that time forgot and explore Cuba , this is a country where you can wave goodbye to Western certainties and expect the unexpected, Cuba

4. Trek into the Cloud forest and search the canopies for sloths blending into the trees with their algae covered bodies, Costa Rica

5. Island hop around the San Blas Islands, Panama

South America

Andean peaks, Amazonian rainforest, Patagonian glaciers, Incan ruins, colonial towns, white-sand beaches and vertiginous nightlife: the wonders of Central and South America set the stage for incredible adventures.

From the snow-capped peaks of the Andes to the undulating waterways of the Amazon, South America spreads a dazzling array of natural wonders. This is  continents of lush rainforests, towering volcanoes, misty cloud forests, bone-dry deserts, red-rock canyons, ice-blue glaciers and sun-kissed beaches. As landscapes go, there aren't many other places on earth that offers so much variety. South America's diversity doesn't end with geography. You'll find colonial towns where cobblestone streets lead past gilded churches and stately plazas little changed since the 18th century. You can haggle over colourful textiles at indigenous markets, share meals with traditional dwellers of the rainforest and follow the pounding rhythms of Afro-Brazilian drums corps. South America is home to an astounding variety of living and ancient cultures, and experiencing it first-hand is as easy as showing up.

You can hike past ancient temples first laid down by the Incas, contemplate the awe-inspiring power of Iguazú Falls, or spend the day watching wildlife from a dugout canoe on one of the Amazon's countless igarapés (narrow waterways). You can barrel down Andean roads by mountain bike, go white-water rafting on class 5 rivers and surf amazing breaks off both coasts. And once you think you've experienced it all, head to the dramatic landscapes in Tierra del Fuego, go eye-to-eye with extraordinary creatures in the Galápagos, and scramble up tableland mountains in the Gran Sabana for a panorama that seems straight out of the Mesozoic era.


1.Stay in a Jungle Eco Lodge in the Amazon

2. Cross the Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia

3.Follow in the steps of Charles Darwin and island hop around the Galapagos, Ecuador

4. Hike the ancient Inca Trail to the awe inspiring Machu Picchu in time for sunrise, Peru

5. Take in the enchanting  view of Rio De Janeiro while standing next to Christ The Redeemer, Brazil


The seventh continent at the end of the world, Antarctica is a stunningly beautiful place blessed with landscapes and seascapes unlike others you may have seen. Amongst this icy splendour lives a unique collection of wildlife that is generally not stricken with shyness and frequently present in enormous concentrations. Antarctica’s surreal remoteness, extreme cold, enormous ice shelves and mountain ranges, and myriad exotic life forms invariably challenge you to embrace life fully. Everyone – scientist, support worker, government official and tourist alike – who comes to this isolated continent, must ‘earn’ it, whether by sea-voyage or flight. Ice and weather, not clocks and calendars, determine the itinerary and the timetable of all travel here. Expect experiences unlike any other, whether whale-watching across the open sea, spying a penguin rookery, or framing that perfect photograph of an awe-inspiring ice-form. Today, it’s even possible for visitors to climb Antarctic peaks, or kayak icy waters. But there is nothing quite like the craggy crevasses of a magnificent glacier or the sheer expanse of the polar ice cap.

North America

North America is a diverse landscape of deserts, glacial valleys, bustling metropolises, stunning coastlines and offbeat oases. There is so much to do in North America which is why so many visitors flock there every year: From New England’s history and coastline, a slice of deep-dish pizza in Chicago after a baseball game, celeb-spotting on Rodeo Drive, the toe-tapping jazz bars of New Orleans, take in the powder in the Canadian Rockies, camp in the national parks of the west, go to a football game in the Mid West, the bright lights of New York City or go volcano chasing in Hawaii. So hop in a Cadillac, crank up the tunes and hit the open road, along with all the other dreamers. One thing’s for sure, the array of options in this great land has something for every type of adventurer.


1.Food trip through the Deep South, USA

2. The Canadian Rockies, Canada

3.Bear Viewing on Kodiak Island, Alaska, USA

4. New England Fall, USA

5. Jurassic Park tour, Hawaii, USA

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